People are discovering the joy of having skin care products made out of natural ingredients that will leave you looking and feeling beautiful. There even many recipes available for making your own natural skin care products.

Natural skin care products are all the rave today while people search for healthy products that can help with various skin problems and conditions. Natural ingredients such as aloe vera, honey, eggs are now being used more and more for skin care. Name brands that produce skin care, body care, and hair care products now have many products that claim to only include all natural ingredients with extracts from various fruits, plants, and more. So, whether you are looking for natural skin care products from the brands you know and trust, or you want to make your skin care recipes own from natural ingredients, there are a lot of options available.

It’s easy to make your own skin care products and it could even save you money from expensive brand products. Here are a few ideas and recipes you can try at home for a natural approach to skin care.

  • Honey is a great natural product to use on both oily and dry or sensitive skin. For dry skin mix together a tablespoon of honey, a lightly beaten egg white and a teaspoon of glycerin. Then mix that with a finely ground oatmeal to make a paste. Apply this to your face and rinse off thoroughly after about 20 minutes. If you have oily skin, honey can also help. Puree a ripe peach and mix in about a teaspoon of honey. Apply and then rinse off after five minutes.
  • For dry skin you can also mash up a banana and leave it on your face for no more than about 10 minutes, then rinse. Another approach is to take half a cup of canned coconut milk, warmed in the microwave for about 30 seconds. Mix that with two tablespoons of honey and then massage into the skin and rinse off after 10 minutes.
  • There are also many natural remedies for oily skin. Tomatoes contain natural exfoliates and acids. Skin a ripe tomato and puree for just a moment then apply to your face and wash off after 15 minutes. You can also take a handful of crushed strawberries and apply then wash off after five minutes.
  • Applying a face mask once a week can help your skin stay healthy. To have a natural face mask, you can take half a cucumber, an egg white, a half a teaspoon lemon juice, a half a teaspoon lime juice, one teaspoon apple mint leaves and put all those ingredients in a blender for about five minutes until smooth. Refrigerate the mixture for 10 minutes. Apply the mixture to your face and leave it on for about 20 minutes then rinse with a warm washcloth and then rinse with cool water.

With these and so many more home recipes you can try for natural skin care products, it can be easy to make your own natural products. However, skin care companies also offer a large variety of products with plan extracts and other natural ingredients to help keep your face healthy and looking beautiful. Check out what natural skin care products they have and see what can work for you.


You may be surprised at how basic health tips can also help your skin stay clear and healthy. Basic skin care tips such as protecting yourself from the sun, drinking water, and exercising can help you look and feel healthier.

Many people have skin problems and wish that there was a magic cure-all that could give them clear and beautiful looking skin instantly. Unfortunately this cure-all doesn’t exist, but there are things you can do to help clear up your skin problems. Everyone’s skin is different, some have dry skin, some have oily, while other people have a combination of types. This means that different people’s skin needs different treatment and different solutions. However, there are some things that everyone can know when it comes to skin care. Here are some skin care tips that can help you with skin problems no matter your skin type.

Sun Protection

One of the most important skin care tips you could ever have is to use sun protection. Exposing your skin to the sun ages your skin, creating wrinkles, skin blotches, dryness, and sun related skin diseases. Using sunscreen as well as hats, long sleeved shirts, pants, sunglasses, etc. can help reduce the possibility of skin cancer. Although the sun may be able to give your skin a darker look that may seem healthy, it can cause many diseases and cause early aging in your skin.

Eating Healthy

Many experts agree that eating right does have an affect on your skin. Foods containing antioxidants can help keep your complexion clear and beautiful. These foods are green and yellow vegetables. Unhealthy eating such as consuming a lot of fatty foods, may create more skin problems for you.


Although the effects of stress on the body are not fully known, it is known that stress interferes with the body’s ability to regulate the skin. Many people break out more than usual during stressful situations. Others have dryer than normal skin when they are experiencing stress. Relaxing techniques can help you to handle your stress better and can help you to have healthier skin.


Extra weight can accumulate in areas, stretching out the skin. A regular exercise schedule can improve the skin and also help you keep off the extra weight. Remember that drinking lots of water will help you to stay healthy while exercising and help you to have healthy skin.

Daily Cleansing

Keeping your skin clean is also one of the most important skin care tips you can remember. Washing your skin can help reduce bacteria, exfoliate surface skin cells, and helps keep pore ducts open. Keep in mind that overusing skin care products can change your skin type to sensitive by striping protective oils. Generally, using a gentle cleanser twice daily is sufficient for most people’s skin.

While these are just a few basic skin care tips, there are also many products or treatments that can help specific types of skin. Search for products or remedies that will help with your type of skin and with your specific skin problems for beautiful, healthy skin. You’ll be amazed at how much basic health care and taking care of your body by eating right, exercising, etc. will help your skin as well as your overall health. Castle Finance Direct