Taking care of our skin is easier than we think.

What foods are good for my skin? How do I prevent wrinkles? What is the right skincare process for moisturizing? We will answer to these and many more questions. Beauty comes from the inside, but a little healthy help from the outside can be helpful! Let’s start a journey togheter!

Skin Cancer Awareness: Past Events

“Fight Melanoma: Run with Us 2016″ has been a fantastic success! We raised up £60.000!
We want to thank our sponsors that made possible this meaningful event!
14 teams from across the UK, 500 runners that joined us and 10 dermatologists who decided to donate their knowledge and time for such important cause.
We aim to continue to spread the voice, to support the research and to make as many people as possible aware of the risks of excessive sun exposure through education. Many thanks to all our volunteers and speakers.”